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Aw Snap! But how do I actually quit my job and start my business?

Welcome to the place you wish you had discovered years ago! This life-inspired guide will show you simple steps to throw your job out the window and start living today.

Hello Future Entrepreneur,

Carolina here!

I’m so glad you found this page. It’s definitely no coincidence. I know exactly what you’re currently going through. I’ve been there! The long hours at a job no longer fulfills you, the dream of working for yourself, the paralyzing fear and the procrastination…

I am a story-teller at heart with a passion for turning ideas into action. Routines and mundane chores put me in a bad mood. I love dreaming big and coming up with a very solid strategy for making that happen.

I always knew my destiny was not inside a cubicle. I always knew I belonged outside the box, pushing boundaries and testing the limits of what others believed was impossible. One day, I said enough and turned my life around. I ditched the long commute and uninspiring job for the life I designed for myself.

I lived in three countries, I studied, took action, failed and got up again- these last two I did many times. I also learned how to start and grow a business.

I am a strong supporter of changing those things in life that don’t fulfill us (especially jobs!) and am committed to helping people like you take charge today. Not in a month and not in a year. I am here sharing everything that I know with you now, because this is the time when you want a new lifestyle and a business on your own terms, and you are more than ready.

Go for it!

Where you want to be tomorrow starts here.

The best resources to build the business of your dreams from real life entrepreneurs.

Aw Snap! was inspired by life. I have always wanted to be my own boss. For one reason or another, however, I was stuck in a succession of dead-end jobs for about fifteen years. The titles changed, nothing else did.

Yearning to finally claim my freedom, at the beginning of 2013, I decided to quit the rat race once and for all and start my marketing & copywriting business.

It took me approximately seven months to go from decision to D-Day. I was so committed to my new life that I did everything within my power to transition successfully. I would schedule phone calls prior to going to work in the morning, at lunchtime, or after hours.

My car soon turned into a mobile office. I even set my alarm clock in the early hours of the morning to reach out to potential clients in Europe (time difference helped) prior to starting my “real” workday. I spent hours researching, talking to people, testing and tweaking. I got on a plane and went to a trade show out of state. I had no contacts. I went booth by booth introducing myself. I took a risk and it worked: I secured my first client. From there on, I worked my way up my own business.

Little did I know, however, that I was not only changing my life, but also having an impact on the lives of those around me. Friends and acquaintances started reaching out by email, Skype or phone, telling me I was an inspiration to them. I was a real person who had quit her job and started a successful business. And they all had one question for me: how did you actually do it? The question was not philosophical but very real. They wanted to know how you get started, what needs to happen, how you get clients, how you invoice them, how, how, how.

At that point, I decided to put all the practical knowledge that I gained while starting my own business and the marketing expertise I acquired through the years of hard work and education to good use and launched Aw Snap! But how do I actually quit my job and start my business? The premise is simple: it is a guide by an entrepreneur for an entrepreneur. No fluff, just real answers.

There is a method to the madness, and I have broken it down to 7 simple steps. The life you always dreamed of is attainable, and you know it.

You just need to snap into action.

You want to quit your job and be your own boss. You want to change careers and follow your passion. You just don’t know where to start.

Aw Snap! Guides will walk you through the process in a very practical way, because we get how overwhelming it can feel.

Here's what you'll get when you purchase the Aw Snap Guide Today...

The guide includes 7 very easy steps you can start applying today. These answer very real and practical questions such as how much to save, how to overcome fears or how to secure business.

Every step of the guide is followed by its own “reading buddy.” These are fill-in the blanks cheat sheets designed not only to summarize the most salient nuggets of information to remember but to help you get into action today.

This set of tools is designed to inspire you and help you create the marketing materials you need to get started and secure business!

I got tired of talking about
starting my business and snapped
into action full heartedly!

The result? I went from a grey
cubicle to an office with blue skies!

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“Working with Carolina Schwarz was the best decision I had made before starting my business. Her compassion and desire to help are only comparable to her outstanding ability to simplify and integrate strategies. She knows first hand the emotional ups and downs that we feel when our inner voice tells us it is time for change but we don’t know where to start. She helped me face fear and anxiety with optimism and with the ability to design a practical plan of action.

If only everybody could work with Carolina, all of us would undoubtedly live the life of our dreams.”

Casandra Badillo, Book Editor/Content Strategist

“We have been using Carolina’s marketing strategy services almost since our company’s inception. She has helped guide and shape our company from the beginning and is a major factor in our increasing growth. She understands our mission and purpose and helps communicate it effectively. We highly recommend her!”

Mariana Veras, Co-Owner & Administrator at The Roasted Fig

“I met Carolina almost 7 years ago. Her strategic outlook and business decisions are always on point, as she is able to easily laser in on the best plan of action. That clear when I consulted her over starting a non-profit organization, and she surely didn’t disappoint when it came down to identifying the mission, growth and action steps to start and grow it.”

Alina Balean, Fashion Tech Entrepreneur

Frequently Asked Questions...

How is Aw Snap! different?

Aw Snap! is a guide written by an entrepreneur who has gone through the ups and downs of building a successful business from scratch.

The information you will find is factual and based on what real challenges and triumphs are like. There is no fluff or sugar coating, but notions to apply to life.

What if I really want to do this but just not now?

Be careful you are not looking for excuses to justify your procrastination. You are the only one who is accountable for your life. If you are not happy with where you are, you are the one responsible for doing something about it today.

Is this for me?

It is for everyone who is more than ready to start their business and change their lives, regardless of what industry they are in. It is not for people who are not serious about their present or their future.

What if I need additional assistance?

I am here to help you every step of the way.

What’s your refund policy?

You can get a refund within 7 days of purchase of all digital products that haven’t been downloaded. For all courses, you might request a refund prior to the date & time the course you registered for was given. Refund times might vary.